Develop Cross-platform Apps on your Windows Computer.

Easy for novice developers
for experienced ones

"Thank you for making programming fun!"

Want to create your own apps?

Follow These 3 Steps:


Design the User Interface

(or start with a template or sample)

Start with a blank Canvas. Or use one of the many included Sample Projects, from a simple Puzzle Game to a complex Database Application. Drag and drop dozens of User Interface widgets. Then use the Properties Panel to customize colors and design.



Add your code

(With our wizard assisted programming language)

Use NeoScript (our simplified programming language), JavaScript or both to add interactivity to your app and fit your needs. Just drag and drop actions from the command list and fill the wizard forms instead of learning complex syntax. This is real programming!

From simple actions... to complete database applications!
Everything is possible with the extensive list of actions. 

Easy for newbies, Quick and Efficient for professionals. Create incredible projects while you learn all about web development.


Compile & Publish

Compile to different formats so your apps will run on any modern Web Browser, SmartPhones, Tablets or Windows, Linux and Mac OSX computers. Run your app on any device!

You can even sell your apps in the App Stores or charge a fee for using them online. There are no limits!

Create World Class,
Professional Apps
Like These:

+ more

Add your own
"wizard assisted"

Experienced users can create subroutines
for commonly used action blocks
within a single App

Or plugins to reuse action blocks across many Apps
and to extend the already extensive command vocabulary
with external JavaScript libraries

There are no limits!

Get your creativity

get your creativity Super-Powers!

FORGET ABOUT Installing difficult

Complicated & Expensive Programming Tools

Create a PROFESSIONAL App in a Day Or Less

No need to pull your hair out trying to learn Microsoft Visual Studio or other complicated programming tools…
No need to spend hundreds of hours learning how to start!

With VisualNEO Web, everything you need is under one roof!
And it’s so easy to use that even a child can create Apps with VisualNEO Web!

Incredible VisualNEO Web


Easy To Use

No need to pull your hair out trying to learn Visual Studio or other complicated programming tools


No more pure code interfaces
Develop using a nice visual environment!

Drag and Drop

You can Drag and drop anything, Resize, Change text and fonts, add new elements…

Quick & Powerful

Create a quick Professional Prototype
to share with your customers

Vector SVG Icons

Add resizable vector icons to your user interface and change the size and colors easily

Run Everywhere

Inside a Web Browser or as a Mobile or Desktop App. Thanks to web technologies!

VisualNEO Web is taking things to the next level…


Something that will make creating applications with Visual Studio,
Eclipse or… you name it… INSUFFERABLE!

Double click any object to add its events code. DRAG AND DROP commands or double click them to open up the COMMAND WIZARD so you don't need to worry about syntax or remembering parameters…

The smartest App creation tool within a Visual Interface


Add a Command

Drag and drop or double click from the command list, or write it yourself.


Fill the wizard form

You don't need to remember any parameter nor be worry about syntax.


Run the code

Just click on your favourite Web Browser icon to execute your app!

And There’s More…

Here’s What
VisualNEO Web
Will Do For You…

you will get access to the…

Support Forum

Enter the VisualNEO community and learn from friendly and experienced developers. Download samples and exercises.

you will produce…

Unlimited Apps

Just one low payment for the perpetual license (minor updates are free). No monthly fees, no royalty payments on the Apps you build and sell (even if you sell a million copies).

you will get…

30+ Plugins

VisualNEOWeb comes with more than 30 Plugins that allow you to produce PDF files, 3D Drawings & Animation, embed YouTube videos, include a PayPal cart, access Databases and lots more. New plugins are added every month..

Experts can transform any JavaScript or JQuery library into a plugin with the Plugin Generator.

you will get a…

Local Web Server

A PHP capable web server
Nothing to install. It will work to let you test your database driven apps as if they were published in a hosting service.

you will…


Design, code and publish your apps in a fraction of time! The visual designer, high level programming language and compatibility with different deployment options will save you countless hours.

It’s really that POWERFUL!

Everything you get with your download today:


Create UNLIMITED apps

Design within a Visual interface
Drag & drop editor
Wizard assisted coding

Hundreds of commands


More than 30 plugins


The easiest programming language


Quick, efficient and powerful


Plenty of sample apps.


Exports to HTML5, PWA, PhoneGap and NWjs.


Free Support Forum

It was: 120€

Special Offer

Get Now VisualNEO Web For Only

Try for free - One Time Payment – No Monthly Fees!

It’s been said that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped.

What will you decide to do right now?

Trying to develop your apps or learning to code the hard way?

Or will you decided to change your results for the better and Develop apps 3x quicker and enjoy coding more than ever before!


Windows Software
Try for free - No Monthly Fees – One Time Payment

It was: 120€


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